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that there is no issue of default and get our government reopened. >> reporter: this comes as senate harry reid and mitch mcconnell are working to reopen the government and extend the debt ceiling and reid doesn't like the house alternative and called it extreme. >> this is so disappointing. on the eve of financial destruction for this great country and that's what it is. to appease a small group of people over there, i am so disappointed. >> reporter: about the senate talks white house spokesman jay carney said they are far from a deal and all eyes are on the house to see if they have the votes to pass the measure. >> thank you, mike. >> we are 15 days in the shutdown now. the house passed 15 mini spending bills and the senate refused to act on them. despite thatment the grand canyon reopened because the state found a way to make it work. dysfunctional government the polls say is what is problem. that sets a record for dysfunction. >> call it a world record. meanwhile right after speaker boehner announced the house plan democrats went off on him. >> the senate was apparently close to a deal. where does
. >>> floor of the u.s. senate. you heard harry reid the majority leader saying he wanted to wait for mitch mcconnell to come up. that's presumably when they will make their announcement about this, let's call it a tentative deal that appears to be in the works, a deal that would get the government fully operational at least for a while until january 15th and raise the nation's debt ceiling until february 7th. gloria borg ser here once again, we want to welcome our viewers here in the united states and around the world. gloria, what does it say about these two leaders, the majority leader and the minority leader that apparently they've been able to do what so many other folks couldn't do, especially in the house of representatives, work out a deal? >> well, it says a couple of things. as you know, wolf, they're not close friends. harry reid and mitch mcconnell have effectively campaigned against each other not in their states but raised money for the campaign committees to defeat the other one. mcconnell's in a race now for re-election and harry reid is helping his opponent. so they're not clo
biden and harry reid. >> there is no reason to believe that harry reid will screw this up. when he has the power back in his hands -- >> and he is found in negotiating these things ever. >> i have been saying that biden disappeared and now we find out reid won't let him in the building. >> he cut a bad deal the first two times around. >> andrew was talking about something two weeks ago. i cannot get it out of my mind. i want to thank our panel. that does it for this edition of "ac360 later." shutdown showdown with jake tapper starts right now. >>> tonight, a cnn special. >> very optimistic. >> i share his optimism. >> >> after two weeks of paralysis. >> there's a deal to be had here. >> there's finally movement. but the clock is still running down. >> if we don't start making real progress in the house and the senate we stand a good chance of defaulting. >> will the house rank and file play ball? don't count on it. >> if there are no systemic changes to the debt i would vote no. >> our guest a republican lawmaker from a swing district. >> jeff denham shut down our government. >> jeff d
time when things can move forward quickly. >> we're watching harry reid right now. i know you want to listen to what they have to say, so we'll let you get back to there. >>> as for wall street, it certainly seems to be pleased with the news that is coming out of washington. stocks taking off from the opening bell on the possibility that a deal could be imminent. the dow holding on to its triple digit gains all day long. we turn now to john terrett, and john the numbers in positive territory all morning, does wall street know something that main street doesn't? >> reporter: that's the $64,000 question. asian stocks were up, the london market was ahead, but then it slipped back, but this market from the get-go -- i mean it was immediately ahead by 80 points, and it only went down to about 60 points, and now it is up around 90 as you see. it's a fantastic day. so what is the reason for that? i'm joined by allen valdez, he is one of the floor workers here at the new york stock exchange. why is the market so far ahead when you might otherwise have expected it to be panicking. >> we all
that ted a hero in all this, tom, not sure hoch you heard of that, but, harry reid talking about quote shrill voices, and tucked about pain inflicted here quote for no good reason, wases reason good? >> i got to tell you the american people lost tonight. they want something done about obamacare. they want harry reid to stop, and harry reid finishes his comments, and we'll with each oureach out ourhands to the repd across the table. whether it was harry reid and the president who you'll not come to the table. the publicca not stupid they can read through this. stand your ground, stan firm, and the republicans will cave. charles: what is counter proposal. >> i think you are right, there is -- president said, he is not negotiating. harry reid said, let's move on to immigration. you know, sort of belying everything he said before that with respect to finds solutions to this. >> and stupid supercommittee, another supercommittee? how many super committee have e had, they could have had a supercommittee 6 months going. they could -- have done all this agreement could have been done since mon
the chambers, the point tonight, senate leaders are back negotiating. harry reid and mitch mcconnell, what they're closing on is reopening the government on january 15th, getting the debt ceiling raised through february 7th, and having broader budget talks, they're promising to get that done before the holidays, we've heard it before, they have not followed through. and even if they seal this deal tomorrow they would have to work at lightning speed to get to the thursday deadline when we lose our borrowing authority, megyn. >>> ed henry, thank you, as we learned the house would not pass a deal tonight, the folks over at fitch credit rating sent a warning saying they are reviewing our country's credit rating right now. so it is not a downgrade, but a warning. >> it is important because it is a warning, and fitch is saying that we are concerned that america cannot get a handle, a grip on its debt long-term, conce concerned about volatile political leadership which is not doing its job in organizing finances. and essentially, that leadership, that worry about we just can't get our finances under c
senator harry reid went to the floor and said he is still making progress in his negotiations with the public leader mitch mcconnell and he does expect a deal between them sometime this week and senate democrats and senate republicans are having their policy lunches today expected to talk all about this on where they all stand and whether or not they can come to their deal. dagen: peter, thank you for that. we also have matt welch and rob reynolds, chief executive officer, good to see you. we will probably have to break to go to that house speaker every week now. bu do think the market is factoring in that this deal will get done and by this kind of deadline on thursday? sorry, bob. we're going to interrupt, here is house speaker john boehner. >> good morning, everyone. our leader team met with members today trying to find a way forward in a bipartisan way that we continue to provide fairness to the american people under obamacare. there are a lot of opinions about what direction they're going to go. there has been no decisions about what exactly we will do. but we will contin
that everyone ithroughthat going bring much. harry reid, mitch mcconnell who played a key role in brokering deals in the past all of a sudden enter sandman, mitch mcconnell, harry reid working this out. and waiting for members of the house of representatives to go through the motions. there was no question that john boehner was going to be able to come up with something. and when he emerged from a series of closed door meetings with with house republicans, it was clear that the capitulation was complete. after the senate passes this tonight, ali it will will go to the house floor. they're not going to worry about it. they want this off their plate and live to fight another day. >> tell me, mike, if this bill could have passed at any time explain what has changed? what allowed the bill to pass today that couldn't have happened over the last two weeks? >> reporter: it's impossible to explain without eye rolling and hand wringing. what we have here is the state of our politics, the state of a broken house of representatives. there's no question of that. but what john boehner did, it looked hor
to be in the hands of the senate. majority leader harry reid says they are very close to reopening the government and lifting the debt ceiling. >> i'm confident we'll be able to reach a comprehensive agreement this week in time to overt a catastrophic default on the nation's bills. >> nbc's tracie potts is live in washington with the very latest on all of this. good morning. so just what are you hearing about reports that one major u.s. credit agency could downgrade the nation's credit rating? >> well, apparently those reporting are true that fitch is considering putting the u.s. on a negative watch, it doesn't mean we'll be automatically down graded. and it's not really related to the health of our economy. it's related to this political impasse over how we go forward from here. now, you heard harry reid sounding optimistic about coming up with a solution, but keep in mind harry reid and his democrats in the senate are only half of the solution. where things really fell apart here were in the house of representatives where tea party conservatives simply insist they he are not going along with an
from harry reid and other democratic leaders from the senate right after this vote. let's hear from randolph in i am a lifetime republican. i have been a lifetime republican until recently. party and in the tea the republican party. it is like they are separating the party. i am the guy who is kind of ashamed to be a republican because the republican party used to stand for the people. ask you to call into the line that best reflects your views. ohio, james, a democratic caller. -- our i am calling representatives we vote in, it is a shame that if this were to go over the cliff, our veterans will not get paid. they get paid in congress. this is just not right. right thatst not this should go over the cliff and are veterans of not get paid. host: this is the 16th day of the government shutdown, the measure introduced by majority leader harry reid, among other things, what extended open the federal government through january 15th. tim on our line. tim.r: this is i just wanted to make a simple statement regarding all the branches of government. i may not know exactly how they work, but
be unconstitutional. >>> harry reid and mitch mcconnell working late into the night tonight drafting a deal on the tremendous pressure. joining me breanna and dana bash. what is going on down where you are and will there be any real action tonight? >> at the white house we don't expect to see president obama and the action very much on the senate. all eyes on the white house at this point. president obama said today he does believe that the shutdown will be over thursday. granted, that was this morning before everything went down in the house but that would also mean increasing the debt ceiling and piers, there is still a feeling here at the white house that there is time to avoid default. you don't really see the president getting very directly involved at this point in what is going on on capitol hill. he had leaders to sure up support but there is a sense if president obama gets very involved, tries to broker a deal, that it becomes rejected just out of hand because his name is attached to it and there is so much an mist between the republicans and him. the white house is in touch with h
. it was the president's decision and harry reid's decision but i'm about putting an to end obama care some way eventually. >> you tried 42 times and it hasn't worked. >> one more time. >> thanks to representative donna edwards and steven king. >> join us tomorrow for another edition of "crossfire". erin burnett out front starts right now. >> evening. i'm erin burnett. we begin with breaking news. no vote. a house deal on the debt ceiling and the government shutdown has collapsed. republican leadership cannot find the votes to support the latest plan that would reopen the government and raise that debt ceiling. of course we're about 48 hours away from hitting it. the clock is ticking at this moment. this would be the country's first-ever default on the nation's debt if it to were happen i want to go straight to dana bash on capitol hill. what's the latest? there was a deal in the senate and then in the house and that got rejected. another deal. now no vote. how significant? >> reporter: it's hugely significant for some reasons. let's start with the latest, the decision which was made official m
majority leader harry reid. this is in morning yesterday. >> the debt is hire. the deadline is looming. rating agencies are talking about downgrading us as early as tonight. of. david: that was yesterday morning. how did harry reid know? what is fitch up to? jim nadler, croll bond rating and chief operating officer and john burlow, competitive enterprise institute senior fellow. jim, first to you. how did harry got word of this? >> this is an interesting thing. i'm not sure how he got word of it. david: is it normal for ratings agencies before they do something big like this to share it with members congress? >> it is not normal. i'm not sure how harry reid knew. he could have a some ending link by fitch's posture before -- inkling. fitch, like s&p in the past, using a, this sort of nonsense going on in washington as a factor in downgrading the u.s. i think that they are missing the point. >> okay. we should emphasize, as harry reid did not, john, this was not a downgrade. this was a credit watch. very different from a downgrade. why do you think, if harry reid had this advanced inform
today, senate majority leader, harry reid warned, credit agencies were eyeing another possible downgrade. >> the debt is here. the deadline is looming. rating agencies are talking about downgrading us as early as tonight. again -- >> that is, i think, the curveball that was thrown to boehner and the republicans. that took them to the very point -- holy smokes, this might be the real deal. so there was capitulation on a number of different measures. and, of course, the backdrop is public opinion, is really damaging the republican party. but there was such a brouhaha over the weekend about veterans. i had an interesting phone call to my radio show today, a veteran, 57 years old, said, this is the consequences of a default. >> hey, ed. i'm a navy veteran. and no coward. but i am truly frightened to the bone right now. the republican recession of 2008 cost me my 401(k). i've worked all my life. done the right things. put money away. the only asset i have left is my house. and that's paid for. but this -- we go into default, i lose $100,000 in value on my house. that day. interest rates for m
in washington, d.c. but also the real issue is we heard starting 24 hours ago harry reid was going to send a bill out. that's not happened. they hadn't sent anything out for 14 days. the president doesn't have any proposal on the table. i just think most be folks understand october 17th is not the drop dead date. no payments due for a couple of weeks. it's time for us to get our act together and move forward on facing the fundamental problem of spending too much money. >> do you think speaker boehner doesn't deserve to be speaker any more? what happens to him. >> he speaker and we'll come in tomorrow and continue to discuss. but harry reid cannot pass anything through the senate. the president is not proposing anything. the president has a great opportunity. he said no, no, no, no for 14 days. he's had months to get ready for october 17th. he has no plan. i'm guessing we'll sit down tomorrow in the house and come up with a plan that will be a short term debt ceiling and give us more time to address these issues. but at the end of the day obama care is a massive drain on the economy and go
harry reid praising mcconnell. he may not come out a winner on this if the praise continues. >> as soon as i saw harry reid say those things about mitch mcconnell. i thought, that would be in a future campaign ad probably one year from now and probably less in the kont -- >> it is interesting that harry reid aren't known to have a great bill fellson encountered this, thank you boeing for the perspective on the deal. >> capital tors. they started up with that video to show you how things are back at work. >> cory booker got a very encouraging message from president obama. he defeated steve lon gan to fill the senate seat left by frank lautenberg. the perception of who's to blame for the shoudown in washington, but on "morning joe" booker says he sees the discourse in washington as a good opportunity. >> i think everybody feels this fatigue and trust raising with how things are which creates a great climate for change. before you can have great victory often you have to have great frustration. it is that simple sometimes. thanks. now let's take this puppy over to midas and get you some of
harry reid and republican mitch mcconnell continued to work on a deal. the house is divided. >> we met with our members trying to find a way forward in a bipartisan way, so we continued to provide fairness to the american people understand obamacare. >> why are they doing this, sabotaging a good bipartisan effort coming out of the senate - wasting the government's time. >> live to capitol hill. libby casey, where do we stand now? >> the action will have to unfold in the senate. we are pretty much where we were last night - i mean all this action in the house. all this upheaval and drama. house republicans saying we don't like what the senate is working on. it was all for naught. house speaker joan couldn't get -- john boehner couldn't get democratic support or conservative tea party members to get with it either. they ended up saying the thertion that he was working on was not conservative enough. it's dead on arrival. it didn't have a chance on getting approval in the senate. we are back to the senate and seeing from the majority laider harry reid, and mitch mcconnell, optimism that a
day." even harry reid is optimistic saying perhaps tomorrow will be a bright day. sound likes a song from "annie" joining me sunny hostin. and in the fifty chair, rick lazio. let's get the latest on the possible senate deal from dana bash. >> the sun will come out tomorrow -- just kidding. the deal right now is that everybody in the senate, the two major sides, mitch mcconnell and the people he is trying to please and harry reid, the democratic leader and the people he is trying to please they feel like they have given a little bit. the democrats wanted to extend the debt ceiling through the election next year but they won't get that. the republicans wanted to have a very, very short window for opening the government, you know, democrats wanted to have it longer. they have a give and take on that. what's unclear is how this is going to sell with senate republicans first. that's going to happen tomorrow morning. and more importantly how it's going to sell with the house republicans who want it to go much further with regard to obama care and the debt ceiling. we'll have to see. every
. that is where we are. here is where we stand in d.c. we are hearing harry reid and mitch mcconnell do have a deal. senate leaders hope to have some sort of announcement before we hit the road eastern time. part of this deal would reopen the government through january january 15. a lot can happen. we will keep you up to the minute on all of this. there is much more in store as well including a nice stock market rallied on this hour of "markets now". here we go. dagen: here we go. a triple digit loss yesterday. digit loss yesterday but all over the place, wild swings based on what washington wasn't was not getting done and now is getting done. connell: or may get done. tonight but now in a rally. nicole petallides at stock exchange talking about what? nicole: talking about washington, john boehner, lawmakers getting closer, you start to see the markets take off in a positive way. the sectors have up arrows whether it is drugs or banks or technology, nasdaq composite up 1%, the dow up 3% so you are seeing a great run end news across the board. bold is pulling back and the vix, the fear index
to the united states senate where senate republican leader mitch mcconnell, senate majority leader harry reid were negotiating. they put those talks on hold earlier today to see if the house could get something passed. now it looks like momentum moves back to the senate. see if we can come up with something at this late hour, greta? >> is it virtually everybody is there? feels like 9 to a day or ghost town there? >> it does feel like everybody is here because, obviously, there is great concern. we have heard a lot of warnings about what could happen if there is no deal struck by midnight, say, october 17th. in a little over 48 hours from now. and so there was a lot of hope initially that perhaps the house republicans could get something through the house. that's been the question all along. will the house be able to pass anything so the thought was if they go first, then you know what could get through and what the senate can do from there. but now that the house has kind of ground to a halt, the question is what the next play is and so we believe the house g.o.p. leadership is meeting with t
there are competing plans in the works to try to resolve the crisis. harry reid says he's confident a senate deal can be reached this week. but the house is working on a counter proposal right now. the plan by reid and the minority leader mitch mcconnell would fund the government through january 15th. budget negotiations would take place by december. it would raise the nation's debt ceiling through february 7th and it could include some minor tweaks to obama care. the house proposal would include much of what's in the senate plan with even bigger changes to obama care. it would for example, suspend the tax on medical devices for two years and remove health care subsidies for the president and members of congress. just a little while ago, oo the house speaker john boehner said he's trying to find a way forward that avoids a government default. >> there are a lot of opinions about what will direction to go. there have been no decisions about what exactly we will do. but we're going to continue to work with our members on both sides of the aisle to try to make sure that there's no issue of default and t
of representatives sabotage the bipartisan effort and that will hit our economy hard. >> i'm glad to see harry reid and the senate has begun to talk with the republican leader there and we encourage that. >> let the house work its will. let the representatives vote. >> we think individuals should be treated fairly and big business should not have special treatment and members of congress should not have special treatment. >> what we are experiencing at this time is a tremendous effort on the part of the republicans in the house to once again under cut the american people. >> this is a time for solutions and they need to be based upon fairness for all. >> somebody in the house republican caucus has to grab the wheel and hit the brakes. >> there are two deals circulating, first the senate, to reopen the government through january 15th, the exact date the next round of sequester cuts kicks in. extend the debt ceiling until february 7th and create a budget negotiation framework by mid december. obama care could be involved with a delay to the reinsurance fees employers pay and efforts to strengthen law
, when it came to the senate negotiations, last night and this morning between harry reid and mitch mcconnell, that democrats did not think that the republicans had any leverage, that democrats did not think that they had to give anything to republicans. i guess there's this provision to make sure that those who get stipends from the government are actually deserving of them, because of their income level. but beyond that, there wasn't really a give and take. >> there was not. >> it was, we're not giving you anything. you have no leverage and you're wrong. could this not have ended sooner if democrats had not taken such a hard line? >> well, it was not a hard line on the substantiative issues. it was a hard line saying, unless i get my way, i'm going to shut the government down and risk default for the nation. now, anyone can do that. i believe in immigration reform. what if i persuaded my caucus to say, i'm going to shut the government down, i am going to not pay our bills unless i get my way. it's a politics of idiocy, of conversation of paralysis. and so finally what happened, barac
on this compromise deal negotiated between senate majority leader harry reid and senate republican leader mitch mcconnell that would reopen the government, would extend the government's ability to borrow money until early february of next year. would create a panel to work on a long-term budgetary solution, and would be also put as part of the president's healthcare law the ability to look at somebody's income, income verification to make sure that they deserve subsidies. and so everybody i have talked to today says it is not a perfect deal but the sense you get from a lot of folks is there is relief that there is a deal to reopen the government, so we expect the senate will take action this hour to vote this through and expect bipartisan support on that. there will certainly be some conservatives who don't support it and then it will go over to the house and we are expecting fairly quick action on their end as well. speaker boehner had a meeting, closed door meeting with his representative and essentially said we fought the good fight, but we are not going to block this from going forward. and
the table, we're not going to do it. mcconnell's former counterpart harry reid was cautiously optimistic about whether the grand old party was broken. i don't know said harry reid, i don't like the word broken. remember, we're not dealing with rational folks. i do believe they have been hurt ir reply irreparabley. >> cruz had this to say. >> i will continue to do anything i can to stop the train wreck that is obama care. i'm not serve in office because i desperately needed 99 new friends in the u.s. senate or really, any friends at all. as josh green writes, the wacko bird wing of the republican party is unlikely to back down any time soon. quote, while the shutdown might look like spectacular self-immolation of band or bitter enders it's a better understood as the natural consequence of decades long shift in the american political landscape. over the last century and especially since the mid 1970s congress has grown steadily more polarized as the south has relined from solidly democratic to republican. joining me ryan grim, eugene robinson and co-founder of the in si insight agency ben
predicament. >> this is harry reid's shutdown. this is not the republican shutdown. this is harry connick, jr. and brac brac's shut -- barack obama's shutdown. >> democrats refused to budge. >> no willingness at all to compromise. >> the president won't negotiate. >> jon: it's not their shurtdown. is their name on the shutdown? they didn't do it. oj did it. i blame oj. if you glove doesn't fit you must -- remember the chase with the car? [laughter] party of personal responsibility ain't taking none. >> so listen, here is the proof once and for all. sniffles magilacuty here, john mccain asked about a claim harry reid is making. >> he said publicly that you came to him in july and offered to pass a clean government funding resolution, no obamacare amendments. it was $70 billion below what the senate wanted, they accepted and you've reneged on that offer. >> clearly there was a conversation about doing this. >> several. >> several. >> and you offered a clean resolution. >> i and my members decided that the threat of obamacare and what was happening was so important it was time to take a stand an
territory. harry reid brought or concern and jitters to the market. as we continue to watch the dow snapping the recent winning streak keeping an eye on the vix sitting at the height of the days. it shows you that there is still concerns and jitters on wall street, some looking at october 17 saying it is likely the market will sell off as we get closer and closer to that date and even pass it. shares at 52 week lows as the analyst are jumping on board downgrading it but it came out by 10%. sharp sales declines in asia and the middle east and africa, we will report more at the end of this month but in the meantime it has been under significant pressure, a lot of the analyst cutting it or at least cutting the price target. back to you. adam: shakeup at the brewery. heading to apple. jo ling kent has more. >> that is right, apple with the latest big hire. joining us here in the newly created role of senior vice president of retail and online stores according to apple. she will report the ceo tim cook and the tasks are big. turning around achieving higher profit growth up in the global appeal, e
i listen to senator cruise's speech. he had said that harry reid andy dick durbin and senator schumer and a few of the other democrats had gone to the white house and talk to the president about exempting themselves from obamacare. the president said ok. they said what we have is a who used thete reconciliation process to push obamacare through and get it signed into law. -- they are accepting exempting themselves from the law. there are lots of political pundits that are looking at whether the gop are winning the battle or democrats are winning the battle. happen is theill last hour of the last day the gop will send a bill to harry reid that will capitulate on obamacare, it will extend the debt ceiling, but the only thing that is going to be left is the exemption of congress from obamacare. into all put harry reid very embarrassing predicament because he will have to take more than a minute to decide on that and he will look very humiliating. i think they should show each one of them signing up for obamacare, show some leadership. right now america is confused on obamacare. t
appears to be in the hands of the senate. majority leader harry reid says they are very close to reopening the government and lifting the debt ceiling. >> i'm confident we'll be able to reach a comprehensive agreement this week in time to avert a catastrophic default on the nation's bills. >> nbc's tracie potts is live in washington, watching all of that swirling around the capitol. good morning to you, tracie. another blemish to our nation's economy in the works right now. tell us about that. >> if we go over this cliff and don't have enough cash on hand to pay our bills, one of the big credit ratings agencies, fitch, has said they will look at downgrading our aaa credit rating and that could make a huge impact on things like interest rates for ordinary americans. that's something we're watching very closely. you heard harry reid there and that the senate may come to some agreement. but in the house, those tea partiers who insist on dealing with health care not after the fact, not after people come back to work, not after we avoid this midnight deadline, but first. upfront. they simply do
progress. >> all eyes are on the dynamic duo of harry reid and mitch mcconnel. >> negotiations are now focused on senate leadership. >> very optimistic we will reach an agreement. >> i share his optimism. >> boehner could end this thing tomorrow. >> do we really want to compromise john boehner as leader of the house? >> we're in a bad place. >> the fight was about defunding obama care. >> all of us are talking about spending. >> the republicans will have to admit they lost this crazy fight. >> how do you tell you're losing in american politics? >> sarah palin. >> sarah palin is standing right beside you. >> is this anyway that a commander in chief would show his respect? >> that's how you tell you're losing. >> the tea party republicans. >> isolated and -- >> ted kramcruz is going to try do us in. >> the president who bows down to allah. >> total an arky and chaos. >> well this is awkward, but the government is shut down. >> this whole shot dun has been completely unnecessary. >> on day 14 of the federal. but in fact two more 90 to nothing. the senate confirmed madeleine as a u.s. dist
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